Shingeki No Kyojin [Subtitle Indonesia dan Inggris] Episode 2

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Judul Episode:
Hari Itu (Keruntuhan Shiganshina Bagian Dua)

Subtitle Dari:
Inggris oleh GG (Subtitle yang saya terjemahkan)
Indonesia oleh Pandeka Api (Saya)

Hannes apologizes to Eren for not saving his mother as he was afraid of the Titan and both he and Mikasa are still weak children. The people of Shiganshina escape to Wall Maria, the city's outer wall while the soldiers try to hold off the Titans. Fearing the Titans might advance further, the soldiers order the gate to Wall Maria close despite Hannes protest that there are still refugees outside. However, a giant armored Titan rams into the gate, allowing the Titans to enter the lands of Wall Maria. As a result of the breach, the government orders all survivors from Wall Maria to evacuate into Wall Rose. Eren has a strange dream that his grieving father forcefully giving him an injection and his key before being waked up by Mikasa. Eren grows disgusted with the people of Wall Rose as the latter don't like giving their food to the refugees. But the next year, with not enough food to feed the people, the government orders the refugees to work at the farms or fight reclaiming Wall Maria which results in many deaths including Armin's grandfather. Eren vows revenge for what the Titans did and wants to kill them by joining the Army with Mikasa and Armin joining as well. A year later, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and many young recruits begin their training. 

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